Hairdressers, a record week: digital payments + 1940% compared to the pre-Covid period


They suffered for two months. But hairdressers, barbers and beauty centers are recovering big time, despite the constraint of receiving by appointment only and a limited number of customers at a time. The proof also comes from an analysis by SumUp experts on digital transactions. Well between 18 and 24 May digital payments for coiffeur and beauticians they recorded an unprecedented record: + 1940%, doubled in value compared to the pre-Covid-19 period. The data of the SumUp Observatory, the fintech specializing in portable card readers and payment solutions for SMEs and small merchants, after identifying in recent weeks a positive trend in the adoption of cashless payments by micro-enterprises, artisans, bars and pub, in fact, has now registered a real boom in digital payments in the Beauty & Barbers sector. And the Observatory shows that “to appreciate the change and the real trend in the use of cashless, however, it is important to emphasize that the value of the transaction of the sector recorded between 18 and 24 May is more than double the revenue recorded” before dell ‘Coronavirus emergency. The revenge-beauty starts, appointments increased by 146%. Women at the hairdresser for 2 and a half hours

Hairdressers, voucher of 100 euros for health workers and law enforcement

«Beauty salons and hairdressers have recorded the most significant increase this week: we expected to see significant growth, as the shops came from a total closure period, but this peak and, above all, the fact that the value of the transaction is more twice the period before the health emergency, they demonstrate how concretely the habit of cashless payment is taking root during Phase 2 »comments Umberto Zola, Country Growth Lead Italia of SumUp. Finally, analysts of the Observatory commented that beauty centers, hairdressers and barber shops “fully grasped the health benefits and convenience offered by cashless, inviting their customers to pay by choosing solutions such as SumUp portable readers” because the payments digital “in fact allow merchants to more easily keep an eye on the revenue register, as well as to continue offering services to the community without risking becoming vehicles of contagion, speeding up and simplifying payments, guaranteeing respect for interpersonal distances and avoiding the exchange of paper money “

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