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During the game between Dortmund and Bayern, the attacker was hit in the knee by the race director who ran backwards. Coach Favre: “But it doesn’t look serious”

A strange, curious accident with an involuntary manager. In yesterday’s big match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern, won 1-0 by the Bavarians who find themselves with 7 points of advantage over the Gialloneri 6 games from the end (the “reds” of Monaco have never wasted such a conspicuous advantage, to this point of the championship), Erling Haaland had to leave the field following a clash with the race director, Tobias Stieler.


At the 69th minute the Norwegian collapsed in the midfield circle after the referee, running backwards, hit him in the knee. The clash was highlighted by Jan Aage Fjörtoft, a Norwegian like Haaland and a former Eintracht player, with a tweet. “I don’t think he will be out for long – explained Mr. Favre at the end of the game -. It’s something to the knee, but we don’t know anything specific. ” In fact, Haaland has had knee pain for months, which is why yesterday’s episode is not of particular concern. Yesterday, three minutes after the clash with the referee, Haaland left the field, leaving space for Giovanni Reyna. On Sunday, in the derby with Paderborn, he may precautionarily stay out, but the stop period should be limited.

The injury, however, remains decidedly unusual, with Stieler having forced Dortmund, in the last few minutes, to seek a draw without his striker. 1-1 didn’t come and Bayern actually got their hands on the Meisterschale. Consequences not a little for a fortuitous clash.

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