Gyms, swimming pools and summer beaches: it starts after a 3-month stop


The countdown has started ahead of the reopening tomorrow, Monday 1 June, of gyms, swimming pools, cultural and recreational clubs throughout Lombardy. To dispose it in the last few hours was the last of the ordinances signed by the President of the Region, Attilio Fontana, valid until 14 June. For Lombard structures, the end of the lockdown is expected in the rest of Italy it is already a reality since last Monday.

Protocols, inputs contingent on the actual capacity of the structure, obligation to self-certify their health conditions and accesses booked and tracked in some cases by software, so as to also allow to trace at a later time to those who may have been exposed to a possible infection.

For the structures – Brescia included – a breath of oxygen after three months of total stop. With the prospect of a quarter, the summer one, which is also accompanied the opening of the summer beaches. As for swimming pools, in fact, the spaces dedicated to outdoor swimming can operate from tomorrow.

Physical activity outdoors, already cleared and regulated in Lombardy by previous ordinance (la 539), however, will continue to be able to be performed in compliance with the distance of 2 meters provided by the current Dpcm. But the green light comes with tomorrow also to access the theme and amusement parks, as well as the wildlife parks. All these activities must comply with the guidelines approved by the Conference of the Regions.

There is an obligation throughout the region to wear a mask or other clothing useful to cover the respiratory tract even outdoors. Temperature measurement for the employer and for employees is also mandatory and the same measurement continues to apply to restaurant customers. Lastly, blocking of slot machines in public places remains.