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According to Agipronews, the League would have prepared the provisions for the pre-game, the 90 ‘and the post-race: the team photos disappear, external catering is prohibited, the stadium area will be divided into three areas with distinct entrances

Serie A has prepared a draft of the guidelines for returning to play the league games. A 36-page document that Agipronews has unveiled in preview and which will be at the center of the summit between the government and the leaders of the ball already set by Minister Spadafora on 28 May. It deals with every possible aspect of the pre, during and after the race through the lens of prevention and safety with respect to the Covid-19 danger. And there are many curiosities, such as the farewell to mascots and catering, up to the ban on protesting the players against the referee.


It will be divided into three areas. Zone 1 will be the technical area (which includes the pitch, fence, player tunnel and locker room area); Zone 2 the stands (grandstands, media areas and control rooms) and Zone 3 the areas outside the plant. Access to these different areas will be allowed for time slots and there will be a minimum and a maximum attendance per zone according to the various areas: in Zone 1 it goes from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 106 people; in Zone 2 between 18 and 118 employees; while in Zone 3 the number varies between 56 and 109 appearances. There may be a total of 300 people who will all be controlled and must all have self-certification.


The teams will have to arrive with separate routes and all the protagonists, not only will have to wear masks, but will arrive at different times. The referees will arrive an hour and 45 minutes earlier, the visiting team an hour and 40 and the home team an hour and a half. Coaches must be sanitized before and after. As well as the changing rooms, where TV shooting will not be allowed. Instead, only the referees can enter the referees’ one and access will be forbidden to all other members. In addition, the referees will also have to sanitize the watches and all the instruments used. With this in mind, the kits and the race lists, checked one hour before the start, must be placed on a position outside the changing room.

Hygienic-sanitary requirements

Disinfectant gel will be placed in every part of the stadium. The rooms used must be aired “3 or 4 times a day for at least ten minutes”. The food will be packaged by the team chef and external catering will be avoided. The medical staff will have masks, disinfectant gel and disposable gloves. Separators for the beds will be used. Moderate use of physiotherapy and medical machinery such as ultrasound, shock waves etc. And then it will take isolation rooms, separate doping rooms.

Locker rooms

Use of every possible space adjacent to the changing rooms. No camera can record the players in the changing rooms, in the pre and post heating.


The home team is advised to have their cars use their cars to reach the stadium.

The contour

There will be no mascots. The rite of the children on the pitch was also abolished and no team photos or a gathering of photographers. No handshake or ceremonial of any kind will be allowed.

The questionnaire

Any person “involved in production” entering the stadium will have to undergo a health check and will complete a questionnaire on symptoms of Covid-19. Eight questions in which you will have to say whether in the last 14 days you have had: fever, cough, pain in the throat or body, breathing problems, reduced taste or smell, contact with infected patients, exposure to risk areas and if you have already undergone test.

The media

The press rooms will remain closed. The vans of the TV productions locked from the inside with controlled access. Access and mobility routes within the stadium must be “reduced and planned as short as possible”.

The match

The warm-up will be contingent and crowds will be avoided: the teams will enter the pitch 50 minutes earlier, the referees half an hour from the kick-off. The benches will be expanded and it will be possible to use the stands. Players will drink in personalized bottles and the use of single showers is recommended. Prohibited ice pools and whirlpool. Use of gloves for all equipment. Doping rooms will be separated. During the match, the players will not be able to protest and must remain at a distance of 1.5 meters from the race director.


No general meeting on the eve of the game: the referees “will have to stay in their residence”. There will be no verification of badges at the call of the teams and everything will be sanitized, from the whistle to the electronic equipment.


“The players will no longer be able to protest with the match officials and will no longer be able to get close to them for any reason 1.5 meters away,” reads the document.

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