guide to the 55 billion maxi-maneuver


Emergency income, Cig, bonuses and grants: guide to the 55 billion maxi-maneuver

Here is the maxi maneuver from 55 billion. Reasoned guide to understand how and what to get: from emergency income for weaker families, the extension of the cig, from grants to micro and small businesses to andecobonus to renovate the house. Until the good bike and to that to pay the babysitter. Here are the main measures and how they work.

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Here comes the emergency income for the most needy families, with a monthly value between 400 and 800 euros, payable for two months with application to the INPS within the month of June. It will be up to families with movable assets under 10 thousand euros, up to a maximum of 20 thousand euros based on the family unit and with Isee less than 15 thousand euros.

Payroll subsidies also for self-employed workers to avoid layoffs. They cannot last more than 12 months, provided that the recipient staff continues to work continuously. IGC. The integration fund for the Covid emergency will have a maximum duration of 9 weeks for the periods between 23 February and 31 August 2020, with the possibility of obtaining an additional 5 weeks (in the same period) only for companies that have fully benefited of all 9 weeks previously granted. Possibility to ask for a maximum of further 4 weeks of treatment for the periods from September 1st to October 31st 2020.

1000 euro bonus for freelancers registered in the separate management who have undergone a proven reduction of at least 33% of income in the second two months of 2020 compared to the same period 2019. 1000 euro bonus also for registered in the management separate who terminated their employment relationship on the date the decree came into force. Bonus of 600 euros for April and May for employees and self-employed workers not covered by other protections and that causes Covid have ceased, reduced or suspended the activity or the employment relationship (seasonal employees, intermittent workers, self-employed workers without a job VAT, in charge of home sales).

Extraordinary parental leave is extended until 30 September to 50% of the remuneration for parents of employees in the private sector with children under 12 for a maximum of 30 days.

Deduction of up to € 300 on expenses for summer camps for under 16s for families with income under € 36,000.

Bonus of 500 euros in April and May for domestic workers with work contracts longer than 10 hours per week, but not living together.

Bonus from 1200 euros (passes to 2 thousand euros for doctors and nurses). It can be extended to territorial educational services, recreational centers and early childhood services.

I work from home even in the absence of individual agreements for parents of employees in the private sector with children under the age of 14 and until the end of the Covid19 state of emergency, even using their own PC.

Tax credit for families with ISEE under 40 thousand euros for the payment of tourist services. Maximum limit of 500 euros and for a single member of the family (300 euros for the families of two people and 150 euros for a single person).

Mobility voucher equal to 70% of the expenditure incurred, up to a maximum of 500 euros, for the purchase of Traditional, electric bicycles and other means such as hoverboards, segways or monowheels. All adults of 18 years residing in municipalities and metropolitan cities with more than 50 thousand inhabitants can apply for it only once. Deadline December 31, 2020.

Maxi-deductions for energy requalification costs and for anti-seismic measures and the installation of photovoltaic systems, incurred by 31 December 2021. Discount on the invoice for customers equal to 100% of the cost of the works. Transfer to the company that carried out the work of a tax credit equal to 110% of the cost of the work.

Support for business and self-employed income holders, VAT holders: with revenues not exceeding € 5 million; with turnover and fees for the month of April 2020 lower than 2/3 of the amount for the same period of year 2019. The amount of the contribution will be determined by applying a percentage to the difference between the turnover and the fees April 2020 with those attributable to the month of April 2019: 20% for revenues or fees not exceeding € 400 thousand; 15% for revenues or fees between 400 thousand euros and 1 million; 10% for revenues or fees between 1 and 5 million.

The payment of the balance and the Irap advance due in June for companies with revenues of up to 250 million euros has been abolished.

Tax credit up to 60% of the rent paid for the months of March / April and May for companies with revenues or fees not exceeding 5 million euros, which have suffered a decrease in turnover or fees in April 2020 of at least 50%. For hotel facilities, credit is expected regardless of the volume of business.

Lighter bills for three months: a regulation of the dl zero the fixed costs for non-domestic customers powered by low voltage.

All company payments for withholding taxes, VAT, social security contributions, tax assessment documents, tax collection notices, good-natured notices and installments for scrapping-ter and the balance are extended. Payments can be made in a single solution or in four equal installments at the end of the tax exemption.

Cancellation of the June Imu deposit for hotels and bathing establishments, provided that the owner and manager coincide. Until 31 October, Tosap exempts the additional spaces for occupying public land necessary for public service operators to respect social distancing.

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