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“Guess who the president of the Palermo court is? I”. So the investigating judge Fabio Pilato he wrote to Luca Palamara, who replied smugly with one word: “Great”. However, the judge seemed to harbor some hesitation: “Well … a mess”, but his interlocutor advised him to “keep his nerves” and Pilate corrected himself: “Legal casino. For the rest I am as cold as a shark … It saves me the fact that in my career I have dealt with everything “. Finally the offer of help from Palamara: “I am always with you a big hug”.

To report this conversation, which took place in the hot hours of the accusations to Matteo Salvini on the case of the ship Eighteen, it is The truth, who continues his crusade against the politicized judiciary undeterred, publishing the private chats attached to the Perugia investigation documents in which Palamara is involved in alleged corruption. In practice, another piece has been added to the squalid affair that sees the magistrates join forces against that “m *** a” of Salvini, the one who “is right but must be attacked”.

Pilate then turned up alive with Palamara on August 29: “Luca I forgot … when you have time can you tell me how to get the precedents of the Roman trib min on the Pisanu and Maroni cases?”. The prosecutor had promised to deal with it, after a couple of days the investigating magistrate had returned to office: “Dear Luca good morning, do you have any news for the two previous jurisprudentials?”. Palamara’s answer is not known (as long as there was), but certainly there is that on October 18 the court of ministers presided over by Pilate filed part of the investigation against Salvini, transferring the rest of the apartment to Catania, the city where Diciotti was docked in the meantime.

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