“Guardiola? Busquets stunned, that’s what I told him”


In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, José Mourinho recounted the vintage of Inter’s Triplete 10 years later spoke about the Barcelona night:

Moratti: «Barcelona, ​​the most dramatic game of my life». Can you say the same thing?
«No, because in the stands you have time to experience the drama, at the limit you can pray, in the field you have to find solutions. I said it was the most wonderful defeat of my career: we didn’t lose 1-0, but we won 3-2 in epic conditions ».

And he found time to go to Guardiola to say something to him.
«When Busquets fell almost stunned I was diagonally between our bench, theirs and the point where Thiago Motta was expelled. Out of the corner of my eye I see the Barcelona bench celebrating as if they had already won, Guardiola calling Ibra to talk about tactics: tactics in 11 against 10 … I just said to him: “Don’t party, this game is not over” » .

In Madrid he chose to speak, before the final, Zanetti, Eto’o and Figo, formerly the Nerazzurri ambassador: why?
“Zanetti because he was the captain and the symbol of that generation of Inter players who had a dream. To Eto’o I said: “I want the feeling from you, you have to explain what a Champions League final is and how to win”. Because Luis is an optimist, he could have given the idea of ​​the happiness of playing that game: he would have paid to play it “.

She celebrated with her son on her shoulders, publicly mixing the feelings of the coach Mourinho and the man José: an unpublished.
“Zuca (José junior) was four when I won the Champions League with Porto: he was there, but he remembered nothing. Before facing Barcelona he said: “I want a Champions League that I can remember for a lifetime.” Over my shoulders she would have remembered it better. “

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