Gualtieri on Bonomi’s criticisms: “Ingenerose”. Minister excludes grand coalition: “Social pact needed”


MILAN – “Ungenerous”. The Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, limits the response to the interview that the President of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, to a word but full of meaning. Republic. “I don’t want to reply to parts of the interview that seemed ungenerous to me,” Gualtieri said speaking to In half an hour on Raitre, thus avoiding a point-by-point response and instead sharing the invitation to do more on the investment front.


Bonomi: “This policy is likely to do more damage than Covid”

The new president of Viale dell’Astronomia certainly did not skimp the criticisms of the government, in particular when he said that “this policy is likely to do more damage than Covid” and, while remarking that it has no polemical intent, he warned: “Entrepreneurs are deeply concerned. In the autumn many companies will not reopen, others will have to downsize. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, what will happen to the orders, orders, suppliers”. Clear the request for Confindustria, for which the passage from announcements to facts is urgent: “We should change pace because I have the feeling that the government, and politics in general, tend to buy time, to kick the can and move it a little further” .”When you govern you must try to have a constructive attitude. For this – Gualtieri detailed today – I do not want to reply to parts of the interview that seemed to me ungenerous, also taking into account the dialogue that has taken place and the attention that we we have also legitimately reserved the proposals that Confindustria has made for the Relaunch decree and that have been taken into consideration consistently and accepted in the decree. I want to look positive and forward – added the minister – and I think it is right I invite you to concentrate these investment resources well for the future, do not disperse them. “

The minister then claimed the social protection and “shock absorption” measures put in place by the government since the first decrees. And in the future he will be able to add important European resources for further needs: “We will evaluate all the most convenient tools there are, which are from Mes or del Sure. We will evaluate and make the most useful, fair and most convenient choice for the country and I am sure there will be a sense of maturity and responsibility, “he said in reference to the controversial notes about the use of the funds of the European Stability Mechanism which for some they could harness the country in the future.Taking up the themes of the final considerations of the governor of Bankitalia, Ignazio Visco, Gualtieri excluded majority and executive changes and recalled rather the social pact for the recovery: “Grand coalition governments do not seem to me a useful solution at this stage – said the minister on TV – It is good that this majority goes on, has shown the ability to deal with problems. It is good to talk to everyone , to build a great pact with all the social, economic and productive forces. It is necessary to dialogue with the opposition. It is fundamental, after the most difficult moment, not to disperse the unitary constructive spirit “.

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On the horizon, strong of the money that Italy will be able to receive from the EU (but only from 2021) there is a difficult Budget law to be written in the autumn. Gualtieri assured that the government will work on “a multi-year relaunch project unprecedented “that allows you to recover delays and” change the country “. With the update to the Def and the subsequent maneuver, a recovery plan will arrive to” invest in the future, on innovation, on digitalisation, on environmental sustainability, on investments. We ask all forces to contribute and give ideas and proposals “.

The minister also touched on some of the economic and financial events that have polarized attention in recent weeks. On the issue of motorway concessions, for example, he pointed out to Autostrade per l’Italia (the company of the Atlantia group, holding of the Benettons): “First of all an acceptance of the tariff regime is needed and then we will evaluate if there will be the conditions for a satisfactory, for the common good, settlement solution. Otherwise, the procedure for termination is still in course and is an option always available. ” The invitation is therefore to accept the new tariff regime proposed to the Transport Regulatory Authority. “In the past, we have had excessively favorable conditions for dealers,” added Gualtieri, guaranteeing that the solution “will come quickly” and that the government on this point “will show unity and commitment in support of the common good”.

“It is the country of controversy, we need investment and employment,” he said finally in reference to the case of the state guarantee requested by Fca Italy for a 6.3 billion loan being granted by Intesa Sanpaolo. “It is an opportunity for us that a multinational company in the auto sector, so present in Italy with production plants and employment – he explained – turns for a public guarantee to a private loan. It is our duty to say well, but we need to a verifiable and reliable investment commitment in Italy “. “It is a difficult crisis, all the tools and levers to support the sector and help us achieve an ambitious industrial policy are important occasions” remarked Gualtieri.

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