Gualtieri launches tax reform


“Simplification, progressiveness, support for work, business and the family will be the cornerstones of the work on the tax reform that we intend to resume. In this context, I strongly believe in a relaunch of the commitment for the digitalization of payments and the overcoming of the cash that we had started and whose reasons are further strengthened by this crisis “. This was stated by the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, in an interview with the Sheet on newsstands tomorrow.

“It is – he explains – a powerful flywheel of innovation and modernization and at the same time an important tool to combat tax evasion which in turn constitutes the condition for a reduction in the tax burden. I believe that the Coronavirus experience has made it even more evident to everyone on the one hand the importance of a fair tax system in which everyone, as the Constitution says, contributes to public expenditure because of their contribution capacity, and on the other very underutilized potential, in this as in many other areas, of digital. I am convinced that the country is ready to make decisive steps forward in this area “.

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