GTA 6: setting revealed by the voice actor of Solid Snake?


Among the most noisy video games of recent years there is certainly GTA 6. Although Rockstar Games has not yet barked to be working on the next chapter of one of the most famous open world sagas, it often happens that the web whispers some new rumor just about the new GTA. This time, however, it is unbalanced David Hayter, well known voice actor who among many roles has lent his voice to Solid Snake.

Just this morning Hayter published on his Twitter profile a post as short as intense about GTA 6 and what, according to him, will be the city where the new chapter of the Rockstar Games game will be set. After the various rumors that suggested a return to the much-loved Vice City, or to a new mega map that includes several cities, the Snake voice actor is convinced that the sixth GTA will be set in Toronto.

With this new place David Hayter hit the mark, and in a few minutes he managed to attract all the attention of fans of the Rockstar saga. Among the many users who have already responded to his tweet, there is one that remains very confused and those who have already tried to venture that the main protagonist of GTA 6 will be voiced by Hayte himselfr.

At the moment there is still no officiality about the existence of a GTA 6, and to find out if the voice actor of Solid Snake really knows something, perhaps because he is involved in the project, it will be necessary to wait for the moment when Rockstar announces everything. What do you think of David Hayter’s latest tweet? Do you think Toronto can be a good setting for the next chapter of GTA?

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