GTA 6: 5 + 2 cities that we would like to visit


Although not yet officially announced, GTA 6 continues to be one of the most desired video games by gamers around the world. Seven years have passed since the release of the fifth chapter of the Rockstar Games saga, and fans are starting to think about where the American development team will want to take them into the future of the brand. By imagining new cities to be released freely, the Gfinity editorial team proposed a list of five eligible settings to which we wanted to add two of our speculations.

The first choice made by the editorial team falls on London. The English capital would mark a return for the saga of Grand Thef Auto, where he was already a great protagonist of the 1969 GTA London chapter released on the first PlayStation. Speaking of great returns, it is also mentioned You love me; city ​​of the American east coast already the theater of events of one of the most loved chapters of the series: GTA Vice City.

Staying within the United States of America, the Gfinity editorial team also mentions two large metropolises such as New York is San Francisco. If the big apple would result as yet another return, San Francisco would certainly be a very interesting novelty to explore thanks to the unique and particular structure of the Californian city. To close the list we find Tokyo; the Japanese capital would bring the series out of the classic canons to which it has accustomed us both for the chosen settings, but above all for the issues that would be treated within a metropolis constantly in contrast between tradition and innovation

These are the five locations proposed by the Gfinity editorial staff, but from the moment when we still don’t know anything official about GTA 6, we believe this is the perfect time to try to travel with your imagination and try to imagine which imaginary Rockstar will want to take us to. Rome for example, just like the Tokyo proposed by Gfinity, it would be a city very distant from all that the saga has proposed to its fans in the past, both for architecture and for the atmosphere that would be breathed inside what is the capital Italian, as well as one of the most fascinating European cities.

Staying within the USA it would certainly be interesting to stop focusing on where, rather I would say try to imagine another when. One of the most unexpected destinations that would blow fans away would see us wandering inside one fictitious metropolis with futuristic features that may have inside huge metropolitan areas with: large skyscrapers with the features of spaceships, levitation vehicles, different factions in contrast with each other and dark megacorporations. On the other hand, Rockstar has already given different space to different sci fi issues within GTA Online and it would certainly be curious to detach from metropolises circumscribed to the present (or to the past) to travel towards what is the future seen through the eyes of Rockstar Games.

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