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                    On his Facebook profile he calls himself "supreme teacher" and as such one expects the maximum of correctness and moral rigor. Instead Vittorio De Prà, in addition to ironically posting the mathematical formulas on social media and the photo of the funnels on the contrary, started to insult the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina a bit like some school bullies do with flashy classmates. The insults are the typical sexist ones with the badly frequented two-way sports bar side dish on the oral exam that lasts an hour, the internal members etc. etc. In addition, in De Prà, a former councilor of the budget in the municipality of Molare, in the Alessandria area, and a former member of the Democratic Party, the minister is not of the Cinquestelle, a party she hates, in fact one of the offending sentences written on Facebook says like this: «A grill! And it is a worse insult than to be called p .... a! ». And down smiley faces and many "likes" from his friends.


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It is a pity that at the Barletti Institute in Ovada, where De Prà also holds the position of vice-principal, they did not take it well at all. Now he risks a suspension from work from a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of 6 months, but if he goes wrong there is also the dismissal. To try to save himself, the professor, invested by the controversies, justified himself with the stress from Covid: “I was exhausted because of the lockdown, I did not know when there would be the high school exams”, but all the teaching staff of the school condemned the his sentences and the mayor of Ovada, Paolo Lantero, of the same Democratic Party to which the mathematics teacher was enrolled, also distanced himself. De Prà, however, is not the only professor to set a bad example among the haters of the owner of the Instruction. Among the others who have heavily insulted Azzolina is the trade unionist Pasquale Vespa, president of the Teachers ‘Association for Workers’ Rights and UIL Coordinator of the Precari School of Turi. And yet, who knows why, only the sexist phrase of Senator Peppe Moles ended up on the front pages of the newspapers. Ah yes, he is from Forza Italia.

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