greener with the plug-in hybrid


YOU ARE ALSO HYBRID – Hybrid systems with external rechargeable batteries are also spreading among compact cars. The last one to have it is the BMW X2, 436 cm long SUV with a sporty look, which receives the plug-in hybrid already announced for the BMW X1, Series 2 Active Tourer and Mini Countryman (they are based on the same platform): it is composed of the 1.5-cylinder 3-cylinder petrol turbo, with 125 CV and 220 Nm, and an electric motor, 95 CV and 165 Nm, housed on the rear axle; the traction is integral, but without a mechanical connection with the piston engine (as is the case with traditional 4×4). This version, called BMW X2 xDrive 25e, has a total of 220 hp.

THREE MODES – The operation of the engines is regulated by electronics, but the driver can select 3 driving programs. In Auto eDrive, 1.5 and the electric of the BMW X2 xDrive 25e they are “mixed” to maximize efficiency: if the driving conditions are favorable, and the batteries charged at the start, the SUV can travel almost 50 km with a liter of petrol. In Auto eDrive you also get the best idea: the German manufacturer declares 6.8 seconds for the ‘0-100’. In Save Battery, the X2 xDrive 25e only drives thanks to 1.5 and the battery charge is preserved, so that it can be used when there is a need (for example in view of driving in the city center). By selecting the Max eDrive program, the electric motor operates until the battery charge runs out or the car does not exceed 135 km / h, a speed beyond which 1.5 starts operating.

LESS BAGGAGE – The batteries of the BMW X2 xDrive 25e they have a capacity of 13.7 kWh (10.0 kWh can be used) and fully recharge in 3.2 hours, provided that they are connected to the wall charger offered as an option by the German company; through the home power supply, it takes over 6 hours to regenerate them from 0% to 100%. The batteries, housed under the sofa, and the electric motor reduce the boot capacity, which goes from 470 to 410 liters with the sofa in use (from 1,355 to 1,290 liters when folding the backrests).

NEW BAND – La BMW X2 xDrive 25e, on the market since July with prices in Germany from € 47,250, brings a stylistic novelty to the debut, which will be extended to all X2s: the front fascia has no fog lights, which are LED and integrated into the headlights. The Phytonic Blue varnish is also unusual.

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