“Greece treats Venetians from plague victims? There would be a foreign ministry” – Libero Quotidiano


“I’ve always had the myth of the Greece. To think that the cradle of culture has reduced itself to making edicts to exclude the Veneto I find it absolutely hallucinating. “ Luca Zaia he is saddened by Athens’ decision to swab all people from Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto, resulting in a 7 or 14 day quarantine, depending on the outcome of the test. “We will no longer go to Greece – said the governor – it is inevitable if they close the door on us. At least if they asked us for information, we would show the cards and dispel all their doubts. At the most we should go for a round of tampons at their home, and let’s see what impact they have. ” Because if there is one thing that is certain at the moment, it is that no country is free from coronavirus: “We are not plague victims – Zaia reiterated – there would be the foreign ministry that should intervene … but forget it. Greece must remove our region from the ban because there is no way I see the name of Veneto in an epitaph where it is written that we are plague victims “.

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