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Change of course by Greece on who to enter their country from June. After the controversy that arose from Athens’ decision last Friday, not to allow entry to Italian tourists, arriving on flights from Italy, surprisingly, a post from the site of the Greek embassy in Rome appeared this morning. title «Greece is ready to welcome the world again». An announcement that actually modifies the decisions made a few days earlier. But not completely because the reopening will be partial and gradual.

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Greece, in fact, vetoes flights departing from Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. Decision to which the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, immediately replied: «The Greece that bans the Veneto seems hallucinating to me. I wonder what their operators think, it is our tourists who go there. They know they don’t see us anymore. ” “Health experts from Greece …” added Zaia proposing: “we are at the disposal of the Greek community in a constructive way to show the” cards “. If they also want, we call Prof Crisanti to take a round of tampons at their home ».

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But black Belgium is also on the blacklist, the Paris area in France, a large part of Holland, Lisbon in Portugal, among others Madrid in Spain, Stockholm in Sweden and a large part of the United Kingdom. Many total closings compared to other countries in the rest of the world including Belarus, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia and half of the United States and Brazil.

What has been decided
Until June 15, international flights will only be allowed at Athens airport: everyone will take a test, and all visitors must spend the night in a designated hotel. In any case, a quarantine will be triggered: a seven-day self-quarantine if the test is negative; a 14-day quarantine under control if it is positive.

Subsequently, from 15 to 30 June, international flights will only be allowed to Athens and Thessaloniki. Upon arrival at the airport, travelers from areas at risk, which for our country means Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, will all be tested. “One night stay in a designated hotel is required. If the test is negative, the passenger will self-quarantine for 7 days. If the test is positive, the passenger is placed under quarantine for 14 days “reads the note from the embassy. For all other tourists, however, the swab will be made only on a sample.

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From 1 July onwards, however, international flights will be allowed at all airports in Greece, and visitors will be subjected to random tests on arrival. It should be clarified whether there will be restrictions on travelers departing from certain countries or regions: “Further restrictions relating to some countries will be announced at a later date”, it says.

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From 15 June arrivals to land borders will be allowed (from Albania, North Macedonia and Bulgaria), with sample tests on arrival, and arrivals by sea will be allowed from the beginning of July, always with random tests on arrival . “Greece”, explained the embassy, ​​”at any time reserves the right to modify any provision mentioned above in light of the changed circumstances”.

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Meanwhile, it is learned that a phone call will take place tomorrow between Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias. At the center of the conversation – sources from the Farnesina say – there will be the theme of the restrictions of Greece to the regions of northern Italy. Furthermore, Tuesday 9 June, Di Maio will be on a mission to Athens after stopping in Germany and Slovenia the previous days, always to deal with the theme of tourist flows.

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