Greece “invaded” by the Turks: soldiers on the disputed coast of the Evros river


A handful of troops from Recep Tayyip Erdogan Thursday invaded the Greek territory near the Hellenic town of Melissokomeio, in the border area between the two nations. In detail, the Turkish military occupied a portion of Greek territory, of about 1.6 hectares, located on the eastern bank of the Evros river, a stream that flows precisely along the turbulent border between the EU and the Islamic country. The tensions between Athens and Ankara have exacerbated since the beginning of this year, in particular since February 28, that is, since the Turkish President announced that he no longer wanted to stop the flows of Syrian migrants bound for Europe, forcing the forces of Hellenic order to enormous efforts to push back the caravans of aspiring refugees from the Greek borders.

The invasion carried out by Erdogan’s troops, reported yesterday on Daily Mail, was perpetrated by a squad of approx 35 men, partly members of the army and partly agents of the Ankara police special forces.

The handful of invaders, after crossing the river Evros in its eastern part, then proceeded to put on a camp around the Greek city of Feres, in the north-east of the EU nation.

The Turkish military, the British newspaper points out, have also signaled their presence in Hellenic territory by hoisting the flag with the crescent on a tree located near the same camp. A small banner of the former Sublime Porta, underlines the same press, can indeed be seen waving on a shrub that stands inside the installation just erected by the handpiece under Erdogan’s command.

Ankara soldiers immediately refused, the overseas newspaper denounced, the order of the Athens authorities to abandon the occupied Greek plot.

According to local sources quoted by the UK newspaper, the invasion carried out by Anatolian troops on Thursday would be a reaction by the Erdogan government to the recent plans to expand and strengthen the anti-refugee border barriers ventilated by the executive Mitsotakis.

In addition to Athens’ intention to extend the anti-clandestine fence, the fact that Turkey has so far consistently denied that Turkey has consistently denied that much of the territory included in the eastern part of the Evros is at the basis of Ankara’s military incursion. fall under Hellenic sovereignty.

The recent Turkish invasion was preceded by heavy skirmishes between the armed forces of the two neighboring countries which took place in the past weeks. For example, recalls the London newspaper, Turkish border guards have previously fired several times against their Greek neighbors and, in addition, Erdogan’s military jets have repeatedly violated the EU state’s airspace.

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