Gravina’s (wrong) ideas. Sarri may do something epic, but don’t chase Sarrism. Arthur, Jorginho and Tonali: there is no match. Juve, Inter and the negotiation with Brescia: the truth. Milik or Icardi? An unexpected 9 appears


A colleague called me, asking me: “Why are you so critical of Gravina?”. Nothing against his person. It’s your ideas (of the federal president) that I don’t like. I don’t like those who change the rules in the race. I do not like that the Federation has not yet examined the delicate story of the contracts. Those expiring on June 30th.

I do not like that Gravina has not so far released a single idea for women’s football. I do not like to have ordered the Lega Pro to “play” after its president Ghirelli (in agreement with the clubs) had decided to declare the semi-professional championship, “concluded”. I don’t like the B series sailing with the lights off. I do not like that in case of a new interruption of the championship (after it will be restarted on June 20) the play offs are foreseen in Serie A. I don’t like magic “at the green table. Since it will recover (with subjects in quarantine in case of contagion), Gravina knows that with 124 races still to be played, it is almost impossible that a “case” does not occur, It should occur, everything stops (again) and you play offs will play. That would not favor Juventus or Lazio. Others would be favored. Gravina has always cheered for the playoffs. The reason? Look at the roll of honor of recent years and you will have the answer. Well: I also don’t like that in “case by case” (suspension of play-offs due to viruses) adjustments are made “according to objective requirements”. I don’t like the bureaucrat: let alone the “federalese”. And I don’t like a president, with terrified evidence, from possible (inevitable?) Appeals. Yes, the appeals: Gaucci, who was he?

I also don’t like the indiscretions that have already filtered on Gravina’s “reforming” ideas. Rumors: but usually where there is smoke there is roast. The hypothesis of an upcoming Serie A with 20 teams divided into two groups of 10, with a dry game and subsequent play-offs, seems more like a “spoon” to see the effect produced on the “trout”. On the other hand, I have too much consideration for Michele Crirtiello not to take his scoop seriously: the next 40-league Serie B, the next 60-league Pro League. With a fundamental novelty: the Pro League from semi-professional would become amateur.

Translated: how to secure the federal armchair. From here to eternity.

Assault on diligence (of the television grain). This time there is no John Wayne to keep: in this new version of “Red Shadows”, “ours” are not expected. Geronimo’s Apaches will win.

I just miss seeing this: a “guerrilla” leopard.

The age of innocence has long since ended. So let us be spared the tale of football that generates “love”, of football that “brother”. Football is a business: where you don’t take prisoners. And where the “common good” is a litany of which not even “pious women” are convinced.

Juventus is planning to build a monument dedicated to the victims of Heysel inside the Continassa: that tragic, never forgotten May 29, 1985. At the Museum a stele already commemorates the victims of that absurd tragedy. From this column a reverent thought to those fathers, children, friends who returned home in a coffin. And to the pain of their loved ones.

Dear Maurizio Sarri: Do you want to do something epic? Lead our brave men to win the Champions League. To make a dream come true. And to honor those victims this season.

Dear Sarri: you have the team. He can win the Champions League, the Italian Cup, the Championship. I do not spasm for the Triplete. Not that I would mind: but I’m not obsessed with it. Objectively, mister, you have the men to hit every goal. It has the best. It has “the best”.

He just has to avoid chasing what he had chased for too long: his game. Let your players do it – they know how. Let them play: they won’t let you down. See rather to dose the forces: use all the changes, especially if they will be (as it seems) five. Avoid the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining. I know: music has changed since my time. But if you play every three days: baths, massages, dribbles (because using your work tool every day improves confidence with it) and relax. Who will be more serene of head will win. Juventus cannot afford to count. To deliberately leave this or that cup to devote himself to the championship. The greatness of Juve is also in this: not being able to afford certain “miseries”.

See, mister, to create a relaxed environment: explain your choices to the players. Don’t drop them from above. And since she is Tuscan, some joke certainly knows her: tell her. I say it as a former (very modest) player: a coach who makes you have fun “outside” is inclined to make you have fun on the field too. I had one that was fun. It was severe: if I missed three passes in the game, in the end he ordered me: “Half an hour with the left wall”. But he was one of great humor. Certain of his gestures that we had learned about in training brought them back on the bench. And then we knew we were doing well. And it was petrol in the legs. Do not scream Sarri for a mistake: a player who makes a mistake is aware of having made a mistake. The first to get angry with himself. The first to put his soul into it. You have great men on your team: trust them.

I should talk about the market. But net of what I have been proposing for months (“Paratici: take Sandro Tonali”) it would seem ungenerous to make advance proscription lists. Like those in the “entrance”. Having said that Higuain wants to stay, that Pogba is a dream of very difficult realization, that Rabiot has dissatisfied the whole world of Juve, I say that Dybala will remain alive and that the pueblo expects a lot from Ramsey and Bernardeschi. Mister: half wing, try Bern half wing.

Now: I of this Arthur, I broke the boxes.

“You are nobody” our Albertone would say. Stay Arthur in Barcelona: in Turin there is no fan who invokes him. There will also be no pro Jorginho marches. Without hair on the tongue: if you don’t build a midfield around him, the Brazilian Italian Juventus would be useless. Juve does not have an Allan, does not have a stretcher, does not have a Verratti. It has players with other characteristics. And anyway, compared to Tonali, there is no race. The Chelsea director, plays short, almost never throws deep, does not risk playing. The Brescia director is younger, he stoops down to get the ball. He knows how to manage it, he throws “(what Ronaldo claims), he knows how to recover balls” he risks “. To say that “he doesn’t have the right experience for a big” is bullshit. Good players are just good. Is Inter in the lead? Some “lovers” support it. It seems to me that Juventus’ proposal is the most appreciated by Brescia. And if Pianjc gets married somewhere, Tonali will appreciate it too. Who would have Brozovic in front of Inter, Juventus: nobody. Because Bentancur “director” is a fallback: he too is a half-wing. New entry: Paredes (but what exhaustion) and Boga. Nice idea if a currently pink exterior should be sold. They seem to have “appeased” on Icardi (for now): in the face of the agreements already signed by Paratici with Wanda. Instead Milik rages. My impression: Higuain will remain: And number 9 will have next season.



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