Gravina: “Playoffs if we stop again. Otherwise algorithm”


TURIN – Since March 9, the day on which the last championship match between Sassuolo and Brescia was held, more than two months have passed, but now Italy of football, and beyond, is ready to start again. The ball will become the protagonist already on June 13 and 14 with the semifinals return of Italian Cup between Napoli v Inter is Juve-Milan, while the act the final will take place on 17. For the A league it will be up to day 20 when, as decided yesterday, the recoveries of the 25th day. The number one in the FIGC Gabriele Gravina, expressed his enthusiasm to the microphones of Sky Sport, then indicating the guidelines for the restart of football in our country.

Gravina: “Ready to go”

“We are ready to start again, but always vigilant because the risks are still very high. UEFA’s leadership has been fundamental – underlines the number one of Figc -. We knew that among the big 5, Italy could not remain foreign. It was very useful to coordinate with UEFA “. President Gravina does not hide the difficulties he was forced to face: The concern has been very strong, we have experienced moments of great difficulty in a world in which we are often forced to live with patronage and cialtronism. This has led me, more than once, together with my friends of the components and the leagues to make an effort to go beyond the philosophers of the obvious, the proponents of plan B, the hosts of the emergency, the supporters of ‘everything is not can do’. We have experienced moments of great difficulty, but I guarantee you that we have always had the awareness that football had to start again because it represents a moment of great sharing and passion for all the fans “.

Gravina and the solution in case of a new stop

In the event of a new championship stop and inability to play, for reasons of time, playoffs and playouts, there will be “a crystallization of the ranking, but it will be necessary to use an algorithm that projects the ranking of that moment at the end of the championship – comits Gravina -. We have always limited what many have called for as Plan B, but it went beyond technical needs – specified the number one of Figc – our plan B is a structural plan, very clear, contained in the resolution of the last Federal Council and provides, in the event of a temporary suspension of the regular season, the use of playoffs and playouts, to maintain the meritocratic principles. Otherwise we will have to resort to an algorithm that we will approve before the restart of the championship. We will propose it to the Federal Council on 8 June and will take into account various factors linked to objective elements in order to arrive at the definition of this championship anyway “.

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Gravina on the new formats for the next season

“If the next championship will be able to start on September 12, going to intensify some dates in the winter break period, we should still close on time and in due time. The rule approved by the Government and dubbed by you the Gravina rule allows the Federal Council to however, adopt different formats: the hope is that we will recover in the same way, but we are ready to evaluate alternative solutions “, specifies Gravina.

Gravina: “Football comes out stronger”

“Football comes out of this strengthened and harmonious situation. The meeting with Minister Spadafora, the government’s top representative for sport, unlike other moments of tension and dialectical confrontation, showed great harmony and sharing of the path. We were all more relieved of the weight we had been carrying on for a long time. Football has shown consistency from the beginning: we have become aware of our limits, constantly dialoguing with the minister and having continuous internal discussions with the movement, with weekly meetings and even moments of tension from which but we went out with great capacity and strength “. The number one of the FIGC then reiterates what was said shortly after the effectiveness of the restart: “We have experienced moments of great difficulty, but I guarantee you that we have always had the awareness that football had to start again because it represents a moment of great sharing and passion for all fans. Our sport has an important function from a social point of view and also economic and this restart represents a message of hope for the country “.

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Gravina on contracts expiring on 30 June

The theme of the contracts of players expiring on 30 June “It is very delicate. Fifa has given indications that we have followed. There was a technical meeting a few days ago, we are trying to reach an agreement between the parties, between all the components and the AIC to arrive at a small modification of the collective agreement that provides for the possibility of extending contracts until the end of August “, concludes Gravina.

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