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The FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, at Sky Sport during #CasaSkySport he wanted to clarify his position on the championship that starts again, on the contracts, on what would happen in case of further interruption of the Serie A. These are his answers.RESTART – “We had the leadership of UEFA which was fundamental, but also our determination. We wanted to restart Italian football. We must be careful because the risks remain. We hope there is luck from here to the end of the championship for the whole ‘Italy”.

VOLTAGE – “There have been so many moments of tension, I don’t deny it. We had to face cialtronism, the philosophers of the obvious, the musicians of everything cannot be done, the hosts of the emergency, the theorists of plan B. Football has I need to respect. I have discovered many people who work in negativity and it is better not to surround yourself with them, I do not mention names but I understand who to look at … I hope there were no political influences, it would be very serious. I hope who opposed the ‘he did it only for technical, not political “reason.

PLAN B IF EVERYTHING STOPS – “In the event of a new suspension of the championship and the impossibility of finishing this Serie A, our plan B envisages resorting to the playoffs and playouts. A more contained and lighter format to ensure that there is still a result linked to sporting merit. If the championship has a definitive interruption, we will propose an algorithm to be decided before the restart of the Serie A which will take into account several factors and always linked to the results on the field with objective events, so as to define a classification. The alternative would therefore be a crystallization of the ranking “.2020/2021 CHAMPIONSHIP – “If the 2020/2021 championship can start on September 12, going to intensify some dates such as that of the winter break, we should be able to close everything within the times foreseen for the European Summer. At the moment we would not like to change the format of the championship, but it is possible that the format will be modified if there is a need. We will evaluate it, to date we hope to complete everything without changes “.

CONTRACTS – “For contracts expiring on 30 June, Fifa has given instructions that we have followed. There has been a technical meeting between all the members, we are also trying to reach an agreement with the players to modify the collective agreement extending contracts until the expiration of the championship “.

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