Gravina: ‘Let’s go again: the football comes out stronger. Let’s give the country a signal ‘- La Gazzetta dello Sport


The FIGC number one on Sky: “In the end the meeting with Spadafora was of great serenity after the initial tensions”

Gabriele Gravina in the round in the interview with Sky Sport. “Football comes out in a strengthened, harmonious way. The meeting with Spadafora on Thursday, unlike others where there was also tension, was of great serenity. We talked constantly with our Minister, in the end football comes out with great strength and the possibility of giving messages of hope to our country, knowing that risks are always present and around the corner. We have to manage them but as always it also takes a bit of luck “.


Has there ever been a fear of not leaving again and ending up in France? “The concern not to start again was strong, in a world where we must live with patronage and cialtronism. We had to go beyond the philosophers of the obvious, the hosts of the emergency, the supporters of “everything cannot be done”. Of course, we must always be careful, we are now in an increasingly less complex phase but it is a very delicate moment because it is the time of programming “.


UEFA’s intervention is useful. “From the first moment Italy relied on the relationship network coordinated by UEFA, within the Big 5 Italy could not have been extraneous to the restart. We bring home an important result, it has influenced our determination but their work has been very useful. Of course, it was a difficult and complex, demanding moment, dismayed by a series of small hints of great bitterness. Clear aspects came out, the faces of many characters that surround us in our everyday life came out … “.

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If the new championship, i.e. the ’20 -21 season, will be able to start again on September 12, intensifying some dates such as the winter break, we should close on schedule to make room for the National team. Article 218 of the Dpcm allows the FIGC to use different formats, but we hope not to. ”


There was controversy because at a certain moment the weight of politics seemed important. “If the debate about the restart of football has turned for a period into a political issue? I want to exclude any kind of reference to political conflicts, because it would be very serious – explains Gravina -. I am not saying this for myself, because I have a good ability to collect personal attacks, but for Italian football, which has an important function from a social and also an economic point of view. My actions have always been inspired by great determination but also prudence “. Finally, the possibility of playoffs and playouts. “Our Plan B is structural, it is very clear and contained in a resolution of the Federal Council which provides in the event of temporary suspension and the impossibility of continuing to complete the championship as regards the season as structured uses the playoffs and playouts, a more content format to ensure that there is a result linked to sporting merit. In the event that the championship should suffer a definitive interruption, it will be necessary to resort to an algorithm that we will approve before the championship starts, we will propose it to the Federal Council on 8 June. An algorithm that will take into account several factors, always linked to the results and objective elements of the ranking of each team in order to arrive at the definition of this championship. Crystallization or recalculation? There will be a crystallization of the classification and it will be necessary to resort to an algorithm that projects the classification of what moment at the end of the championship ”.

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