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Non-refundable contributions with a streamlined request, with only three boxes to fill in and procedure starting in mid-June through the Revenue Agency platforms. In addition, the indication of the revenue data can in all probability be inserted as an estimate and not with the precise data. These are some of the elements that emerged after the first meeting yesterday between the Agenzia delle Entrate and representatives of the companies, tax experts and Confprofessioni with two absences of weight, the representatives of the accountants and labor consultants who wanted to underline their protest against the government that has excluding the ordinary professions and not from the possibility of accessing requests for grants.

During the videoconference meeting, the Agency said it was ready to work in close collaboration with Assosoftware and Sogei to implement the procedure as quickly as possible, the IT platform in which the company data will have to move.

The channels used will already be those widely known and practiced in relations with the financial administration: Entratel and Fisco online.

The Agency has already prepared a draft application and model and plans to publish the measure that starts the procedure already next week. The schedule is tight: the challenge is to get the funds to the current accounts of the entitled parties as soon as possible.

It is assumed to have everything ready for mid-June with the accreditations starting from 24 June. This is in the intentions of the administration. It must be considered that in any case when fully operational, when the request arrives, at least one week will pass to carry out checks on those who request the funds.

In particular, the focus is on one of the boxes to be ticked in the application and that relating to the anti-mafia certification for which checks must be made before disbursing the funds.

On the requirement of the threshold of revenues, the Agency has opened up the possibility of indicating the estimate of belonging to the threshold and not of reporting punctual data, meeting the difficulty of finding punctual information.

We will then have to indicate the drop in turnover by taking the month of April 2019 as a reference, comparing it with that of 2020.

As can be seen from the technical report of the relaunch law decree (dl 34/20), there are around € 6 billion on the plate.

The indication of belonging in the revenue threshold is a requirement to understand the measure of the contribution to be recognized in the face of the drop in turnover. 20% for those who are between zero and 400 thousand euros in revenues, 15% for those who are in the threshold between 400 thousand and one million euros and 10% for those who are between one million and 5 million euros.

Another point that has emerged regarding the procedure is that relating to the possibility of correcting the application or not. Excluding the possibility of correcting the data communicated, once the application has been submitted, the idea prevails of being able to send subsequent requests that cancel the previous ones. In short, the Agency will examine and liquidate the latest sent by the taxpayer.

The ball is therefore now in the hands of Assosoftware and Sogei who will have to implement the management software very quickly to allow the software to obtain the data to be entered almost automatically.

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