Government, Bonafede is safe but the reshuffle hypothesis reappears


There government crisis, yet another of this new yellow-red-purple experience, has faded into a no. Indeed, two. Those at motions of no confidence towards the Guardasigilli, Alfonso Bonafede. Italy alive he decided that Giuseppe Conte’s (political) chest was a shield strong enough not to skewer the executive, given that everything would come down once he hit the head of the delegation of the relative majority party. In return, say Palazzo’s rumors, Matteo Renzi will take some measures home, a commission on the effects of the reforms laid on Bonafede on justice, but above all a reshuffle with a new prestigious assignment for Iv. Sources of the majority reveal a hypothesis circulating in these hours: the Miur would be in the viewfinder, where the current minister, Lucia Azzolina, would not have convinced. In his place, the former premier would be an attempt to propose Maria Elena Boschi.

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The direct interested party, however, rejects any charge. “Italia viva makes its battles regardless of the places, but also from the calculations on consents. Teresa Bellanova proves it with the regularization of migrants”. Yet there are those who point out that Renzi has been beating the school button for days, even during his speech on the distrust of Bonafede. “A sign he is pointing there,” says a five-member MP. The problem is that Cinquestelle strongly wanted that ministry, so much so that he accepted the unpacking with the university, which was then entrusted to Gaetano Manfredi, at a dem.

The new fact, which therefore leaves the political logic used so far to calibrate the government’s hopes for the future, is precisely the entry into the field of Conte. Until now, the prime minister has remained on the sidelines of the majority negotiations, or at least far from the lights of the media spotlight. His entry into the Senate room, to sit next to the Minister of Justice, however, immediately seemed a very clear sign: I am there and I put my face on it. A move that even Renzi recognized him, backing down (if he ever really thought of balloting Bonafede). Just as it is a fact to note that after the meeting on Tuesday afternoon at Palazzo Chigi with Boschi – of which absolutely nothing has been leaked – the situation has ‘normalized’, until the closing with a handshake, or rather elbow in the era of Covid-19, just before the report of the Guardasigilli began.

All pieces of a mosaic that seemed about to burst and that, instead, went to their place in less than 12 hours. This is not justified with the imminent release of Renzi’s new book, as someone had imagined in the majority and in the opposition. “There is something more,” they whisper from the dem area, without missing other clues. To rest assured that Conte, Pd and M5S do not try ‘horse moves’ against the simple senator of Florence (see under ‘Responsibles’), the message came clear from Iv, complete with numbers and accounts: in the Senate there out of 297 present and 292 voters, 131 yes to mistrust and 160 no, with only 1 abstaining. Therefore, the 16 votes of the Renzians “kept the government on its feet”. Otherwise, as Boschi says, “Bonafede would be making the boxes in via Arenula”. And not just the Guardasigilli, perhaps.

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