Google’s augmented reality app that shows you how far you are from others


Sodar immediately shows how far you have to get away from other people

(Photo: Google)

Google has prepared a special application, better to say an application that can be used online, called Sodar which shows exactly how much you owe place away from other people in this delicate phase of global fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus. All experts indicate the distance to be respected in 2 meters to limit the possibility of contagion and spread, with this software you can have a clearer idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis measure.

Sodar takes advantage of augmented reality that is, a layer of information that is superimposed on a display showing images of the real world. In this case, a portion of the circle will appear indicating quite precisely where the two meters end. A tool that can be useful when you are in a crowded place or if you have to queue.

The Sodar application works through the home browser, Chrome, which must be updated to the latest version available, therefore it is not downloaded (yet) from the Google Play Store as a normal application. For now it only works on devices such as Android smartphones and tablets.

Sodar uses the WebXr standard that Google has implemented on the browser Chrome for Android from version v79 and of course requires permission to access the device’s camera. It only works in portrait mode, as shown in the video posted on Twitter to present the project.

To immediately try the application, go to the official website of the project, part of the Experiments with Google program. It does not always work at its best, therefore it is sufficient to calibrate the camera by framing references such as floors and walls to ensure that the two-meter line is finally displayed.

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