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Various types of messages are circulating about the tracking app chosen by the Italian government. It is not my intention to speak of the same, but of the alarming messages circulating about it. There are two versions, one in text form and at least one video, shot on May 24, 2020.

The juice is the same both in the video and in the text message: it is noted that an application called Android has been installed COVID-19 exposure notifications.

Last ‘Now 05/24/2020 the Government is already tracking mobile phones with Android Morris San Greg

The guys who made the video already in the fan title understand that they are followers of the large groups of well poisoners who hang out on YouTube.

I will not link the video just because the two boys made a small mistake, and did not cover the sensitive data (name, surname and email) of the owner of the cellphone they are using for the demonstration. Unfortunately data with which it is easy to do damage, so we avoid to identify the gentleman.

What is there to say about this story? Not much, because it would be enough to turn on the critical spirit for five minutes, read carefully what our phone explains by clicking on the name of that Google service and realize that it is not the “app for tracking”, but only a service made ad hoc to allow COVID-19 tracking app around the world to work if installed user. So, that service that we find included in the menu dedicated to Google is not in itself the app, but only an update that allows our smartphone to make tracking work better, respecting, as reported, the privacy of those directly affected by the tracking .

Alarming people with a video that has made more than 20,000 views within 24 hours is inconsiderate. Honestly, I continue to hope that the famous “task force” of the hoaxes is keeping track of the many subjects who in recent months have been helping to poison the well with misinformation of various kinds. And that they are somehow sanctioned for what they have done.

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to say nonsense, you can be against the tracking app without having to tell stories.

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