Google, the anti WhatsApp is coming soon: available for everyone soon


Great maneuvers in the house Google and once again they concern instant messaging platforms. The company of has been for many years Mountain view tries to put the wheels on WhatsApp, with rather poor results. All the services launched over the years have not achieved the desired success or have been canceled.

In the past few weeks Google it is very active in the hope of finding a valid solution. First of all it is working to release the worldwide new RCS standard (acronym for Rich Communication Services) that transform SMS and it makes them “smart”. Active for a few weeks now also in Italy, thanks to the new protocol it is possible to send messages via Google Messages using the internet connection and not the classic SMS. However, the work of the developers does not end here: the Mountain View company announced that Google Chat will begin on May 26, a messaging service reserved so far only for GSuite users, will be open to all. The goal is always the same: to find the anti-WhatsApp that allows Google to become an important player in messaging services.

Google Chat, support also to external users: what changes

Google Chat is the messaging platform reserved for GSuite users, the platform with all the apps developed by Google for companies. Until now it was possible exchange messages only with users of the same domain, that is, with your work colleagues. From May 26 it won’t be like that anymore. Google has published a post on its official blog, announcing a big news: Google Chat it will be open to everyone, the important thing is to have a Gmail account.

For the app, this is a great novelty that will increase its use, especially in the workplace. From Google Chat it will be possible to send messages both to users who are part of another domain (i.e. another company) and to ordinary people who have a Google Account.

What can be done on Google Chat? In addition to chatting, sending images and videos as on any messaging app, Google Chat it also allows you to create virtual rooms with your work colleagues, where you can exchange documents or start a video call. With the opening of Google Chat a new categorization system will also be introduced to “outsiders”: conversations with users of the same domain will have the “Internal” label, while all other “External”. With the exteriors it will also be possible to create new rooms that will have an ad hoc label.

When the Google Chat update will be available

As announced by the Mountain View company, the update to Google Chat it will be available from May 26 and the release will be gradual.

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