Google Stadia made too many promises that it wasn’t able to keep for 2K –


In a recent interview, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick was not very diplomatic towards Google Stadia. According to the boss of 2Kin fact, the service did too many promises which he has not been able to maintain, generating consumer disappointment.

The speech, held during the Bernstein Annual Strategic Decisions conference, focused on streaming gaming technology. A technology that was supposed to be the future, but who is struggling to keep the weight of his promises: “Streaming technology is already here. Except that the launch of Stadia was slow. In my view there have been too many unfulfilled promises about what technology has to offer and the result has been that consumers have been disappointed. ”

So why did your company land on the Google platform with its strongest products, namely Red Dead Redemption 2, NBA 2K20 and Borderlands 3? “When you land on a new platform, you create a potentially larger audience. For this reason we have supported the launch of Stadia with three titles and we intend to continue supporting the service as long as the business model it will make sense. ”

For Zelnick streaming is still the future: “We are still convinced that there are people who want to play our games without wanting to own a console. I don’t think this wish has disappeared in the meantime. ”

At launch, however, Google Stadia didn’t have many of the features promises, like 4K / 60FPS gaming on all games, and several features were added only several months after the release in stores. Reason why players got burned by Google. In the meantime, however, other services such as Microsoft’s Project xCloud and Nvidia GeForce Now are making headway. The last of which without being able to count on 2K games.

Will it be on these platforms that streaming gaming will develop or will Google Stadia be able to make up for it? Do you know that in the meantime the Metro series is about to land on the platform?

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