Google Stadia, between excessive promises and public perplexity


Google Stadia has been “accused” of having exaggerated in boasting its technology, given that it is not having the success that was prophesied in the past. To say it really is Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, who in a speech during the Bernstein Annual Strategic Decisions conference explained why the company had decided to support the platform and that at the moment, despite expectations, there is a bit of bitterness, given that till now the performance shown is certainly not the one hoped for.

Zelnick in his arguments focused purely on the commercial aspect, taking one very critical position on this issue, since, in the end, Stadia was not the “turning point” it should have been. “Streaming technology is upon us. Stadia’s launch has been slow. I think there have been a bit too many promises about what the technology was able to offer and consequently consumers have been disappointed “ says the CEO of Take-Two.

Zelnick continues: “Whenever you expand your distribution, you are targeting a potentially larger audience, which is why we initially supported the launch of Stadia with three titles and will continue to support high-quality streaming services until the business model makes sense. In the future, I believe streaming will work… The belief that streaming would be revolutionary was based on the idea that there were a lot of people who really had an interest for interactive entertainment and who would have paid to have it, but they had no intention of owning a console. I’m not sure that has happenedor”.

In fact, Google Stadia had promised some interesting features in the past, such as it streaming games in 4K at 60fps and it is true that the service offered failed to fully convince gamers, certainly more oriented towards competition – such as Microsoft’s Project xCloud or Nvidia Now. We must also consider, however, that next-gen is upon us and surely Google Stadia will do everything possible not to look at rivals from below.

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