Google Messages is preparing to fill the only gap with Apple’s iMessage


Vincenzo Ronca

Google has released a new version of its Android app of Messaging which, although not containing particular immediate news for the end user, includes some suggestions on the features being developed.

The most interesting of these innovations in the processing phase concerns RCS messaging, the alternative protocol to the classic SMS and MMS in full iMessage style that Google has made available in its Messages app. According to the latest references found in the app, Google is about to implement the cryptography end-to-end in the RCS messaging protocol: this additional level of security is the only substantial difference between the RCS messaging of the Messages app and Apple’s iMessage.

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By end-to-end encryption is meant inaccessibility to third parties of the content exchanged via chat between two interlocutors, which results encrypted throughout the virtual journey present between the two interlocutors. According to the references found in the Messages app, Google would request one good connection data to use end-to-end encryption on RCS messages, otherwise it will propose sending via SMS or MMS. To all this would be integrated extra protections for third party apps, such as the request for authorization to view the contents of encrypted messages with different apps than Messages.

The novelty just described is still under development and therefore it may take some time before you can use it daily. To always be among the first to try the news of the Google Messages app we suggest you to sign up to the official beta testing program.

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