Google Messages, end-to-end encryption arrives: it’s a challenge to WhatsApp


The Mountain View company could shift the balance in the instant messaging market. In fact, his new proposal would go heavily to collide with daily use of the most used chat in the world, Whatsapp.

Google’s platform, which will simply be called Chat, it arises indeed many functions of which the Zuckerberg software is currently taking charge. The clash, therefore, will be almost inevitable, but it is not known at the outset which of the two messaging solutions will come out defeated (even if for WhatsApp numbers it could still have the upper hand).

So Google, after a long time in the shadows in this area, is trying to breach a gimmick that reminds us a lot iMessagge of Apple. After the total failure of Hangouts, the messaging app developed by Big G but received very coldly by the public – so much so that many are not even aware of its existence – Google therefore tries to get back on track.

Google’s SMS 2.0 are coming: here’s what it is

Google’s new introduction is based on the RCS protocol created by its developers, which allows you to add a whole series of media and digital interactions to the simple text message. So they can be sent photos, videos, gifs but also documents, send your own position or that of a specific place.

One of the main criticisms raised against this finding, however, corresponds to the absence of end-to-end encryption. For months we have reassured you that the developers have taken charge of the problem and said they were at work to be able to introduce it, and in these days it has arrived. confirmation: with version 6.2.031 of Google Messages end-to-end encryption will be implemented to better protect user privacy.

This improvement will not only affect messages sent over the internet, but will also be applied to SMS is MMS.

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