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Do you live in a small town scattered in the mountains on a street that does not have a name and do you have difficulty sharing the address with couriers and friends? From today it is no longer a problem thanks to Google Maps. With a post published on the official Google blog it was announced the arrival of the Plus Code: it is a unique six-character code (numbers and letters) which allows you to identify a precise position anywhere in the world. In reality Plus Code it’s not a real novelty: the feature has been present on Google Maps since 2015, but will now be made available to all users.

Google is releasing this feature for a very simple reason: over 2 billion people live in places where there are no roads, and identifying them is very complicated. Longitude and latitude could be used, but very often there is confusion between the two measures. The Plus Codeinstead, it is made up of only six digits and uses a particular algorithm that takes advantage of both longitude and latitude values. Here’s what it is and how to share it on your smartphone.

What is the Google Maps PlusCode

The PlusCode it is a godsend for all people who have difficulty sharing their position. if you live in a lost street with no name, indicating the shipping address of a package can turn into a nightmare. With the PlusCode everything will be simpler: it is a six-character code that Google Maps generates automatically using longitude and latitude. In this way every single place of the estate has a unique PlusCode.

This new system was introduced to make life easier for many ambulance drivers and couriers who in some cases have difficulty finding the exact place to go.

How to share the Google Maps PlusCode

Find the PlusCode of one’s position is very simple. Just activate the GPS, open Google Maps and press the blue icon indicating the position. A blue screen opens with a six-character code: this is PlusCode. Just select it, copy it and you can share it with any person on any messaging platform.

When the PlusCode arrives

The update is being released these days and Google ensures that in a few weeks it will be available worldwide for Android users. To get it, you need to download the latest version of the app.

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