Google Home is no longer available in the US store


Google’s range of smart speakers is one of the most popular and famous on the market. The merit is certainly the presence of Google Assistant and a list price definitely within everyone’s reach, as well as a build quality of a good level.

Is a new Google Home coming?

In these hours some Google stores, such as the USA, Canadian and Japanese, label Google Home as no longer available. If this is so true in the American store, a button is available in the Canadian and Japanese ones.Join waiting list“.

By checking the speaker situation on the Italian store, you can see that it is still available for purchase at the price of 99 eurostherefore it is not clear if it is a warehouse problem or if the speaker has actually been put aside.

For some it is an unequivocal clue about the arrival of one new generation of Google Home, especially considering the official 2016 launch. The lack of availability will certainly be exploited by the noise machine to push again on the characteristics of the next Google Home.

At present, very little is known about Google’s new generation of smart speakers, but it is quite reasonable to expect some news in the coming months.

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