Google Chrome, how to organize open tabs into groups


A new feature of Google Chrome allows you to group the tabs in order to keep the browser in order, using labels and colors

Google Chrome allows the organization in groups of the tabs open in the browser (screenshot from Google Chrome)

Google Chrome has a new ace up his sleeve for organize the cards into groups open in the browser. The new feature, previously tested on Chrome Canary, is now available on the main browser and allows users to keep all tabs open, grouping and labeling them according to their use.

With the update to version 83, Google Crome makes the function necessary for group open tabs in the browser and accessible by right-clicking on the tab concerned. In this way it will be possible to create a new group of cards with the function β€œAdd to new group”Or attach the card to a collection previously created.

Tab group management menu in Google Chrome

Once the group has been created, the user can modify some of its characteristics to make it more visually recognizable. By clicking with the right mouse button on the colored dot that will appear next to the card, you can give a name and select a color to make it easily identifiable. It is possible from the same menu move the whole group (with all the tabs contained in it) in a new browser window. If, however, it is no longer needed, it is possible close the group or separate tabs, command that allows you to close the group while keeping the various pages you are consulting open.

If updating the browser, the function is not yet activated automatically, it means that you have to wait a little longer for the browser to release it with the next update.

If instead you are impatient then there is a shortcut. Just open Google Chrome and type in the url bar Chrome: // Flags . By doing so you will have access to one section of experimental functions sleeper that the user can decide to enable independently. In this section you need to look for the feature called β€œGroups tab“And enable it through the appropriate button. Once enabled, the browser will ask to be restarted and, after completing this last step, the tab groups will be active.

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