Google Chrome 84 will reintroduce SameSite and keep intrusive notification windows at bay


Giovanni Bortolan

One of the recent innovations introduced on the Google Chrome browser starting from version 80 concerns the possibility of rendering site notifications less intrusive. This type of “hidden” display reduces the risk of accidental or careless clicks to potential dangerous / annoying warnings. Behind such notifications, in fact, often and willingly there are behaviors, so to speak unethical by the site.

As a further step towards the safety of its users, starting from version 84 Chrome all these warnings will be automatically minimized. The user will also be notified if the visited site is trying to obtain too intrusive permissions. The warning message will appear in both version desktop than in that mobile browser in the same way. For site owners, however, a tool will be provided that will allow them to see if a page in their domain has been reported as potentially intrusive.

It’s not over here, version 84 will reintroduce its tracking system SameSite of Cookies. Introduced last February with the update mentioned initially, this functionality has been revoked because of Covid-19 to allow sites to function smoothly; it is known that this type of security could potentially cause problems during navigation.

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Chrome has always accepted the default cookies, but with the introduction of SameSite the browser has started to block cookies derived from third-party content, unless they have certain characteristics. This mechanism helps defend user privacy, but tends to “break” some pages of the sites, such as those of login. It is therefore clear that with the reintroduction of the function next July 14th a number of refinements are expected from Google.

Source: The Verge, XDA

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