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Lina Guarracino
Montemurlo (Prato), 28 May 2020 – Lina Guarracino died on Tuesday 27 May, at the age of 57 in Villa Donatello to Florence, where she had been hospitalized for some time. It will be one of those cases that will be included in the Covid-19 death statistics, even if the virus is not the cause of his death. For a long time Lina had been fighting against a incurable evil, which eventually took her away.

The Coronavirus, contracted to hospital, Lina had actually passed him. For a few days she had been attached to the respirator but she was better, she was breathing autonomously, even if, since the last tampon performed, she was always positive. “Covid is not the cause of mom’s death. Since January his condition had deteriorated, so much so that hospitalization had become necessary, because at home he could not receive the assistance he needed. – he says Daniele Valore, One of the woman’s two children – The mother was a good, well-liked, generous woman, one who thought more of others than of herself, always available and altruistic towards those in need ». Lina Guarracino was born on 13 December 1963 in Albanella in the province of Salerno, but for over thirty years she had lived in Montemurlo in via Foscolo, where she was well known and appreciated. The other son of the woman, Riccardo lives instead in France.

He worked as a cook in a canteen in via Santa Caterina in Prato, which provides meals for numerous local rsa. Mayor Simone Calamai, as soon as he heard the news, he wanted to embrace the Valore family and said: «I wish to express my personal condolences to the children of Lina, Daniele and Riccardo, for the loss of my beloved mother, well known in Montemurlo, appreciated and esteemed for its kindness and generosity “. From today afternoon the body will be in the chapels of the farewell of the Misericordia di Oste, while the funeral, in strictly private form – as required by the rules for the containment of the epidemic – will take place on May 29 at 10 am at the church of Fornacelle.

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