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This time it’s really over and all the parties I think are happy about it. The story between Icardi and Inter resembled those love stories full of passion but carried on with the grudge of things which despite their will are and remain unsolvable. Icardi and Inter loved each other when they were very young, they wooed each other and started a journey together that seemed destined to be long and lasting.Mauro initially waited for his turn, then he began to play and score without stopping twice, top scorer, the entry of arrogance and right into the top 10 goal scorers in Nerazzurri history and finally the captain’s armband. It all seemed roses and flowers, it seemed the birth of a new flag, a number nine to be remembered forever as a great player and symbol of these Inter years. Argentine like him CAPTAIN, the real one, he could without his subsequent slips write his name among the beautiful memories of the Inter fans.
But after a few years the dream turned into a nightmare. Mauro lost his love for Inter when he found a greater love, that of Wanda.

Icardi has completely put himself in the hands of his wife / procurator leaving her the task of managing it in all respects. So here comes the book of disputes with consequent anger of the fans with whom, from that moment, it ruined every possible good relationship. Then came the quarrels with the company for the continuous renewals of the contract, the half sibylline phrases of Wanda seasoned with voluntarily little hidden malice.

Finished? No, there are then star-like behaviors in the locker room, intrusive and annoying social photos all the more so if you are the captain of the team up to trespassing in the soap opera of Wanda every week in the salons of Tiki Taka. From then on everything was known about Inter and Mauro, life, death and miracles. Appiano became the center of the set of a soap with plots and intrigues. The protagonists? Marotta, Spalletti, Ausilio and teammates always told by Wanda’s wise “pen”.

All that could have been broken, the love between Mauro and the Nerazzurri forever broken. Mauro who was already flirting through Wanda with Juve and was acting as captain of Inter. It is absurd to think that we can only recompose the fracture which is now obviously incurable.In Paris Icardi has found himself, Inter have regained peace and serenity at least off the pitch.

In fact, we no longer speak of the tantrums of the ex captain’s knee but of the game and the results on the pitch, good or bad.
Lukaku took the number nine shirt and did not regret who wore it before him, rather.

There is regret for what it could have been and was not, but the relief is greater for having concluded an ordeal that could become really unnerving in the long run. Maurito therefore remains at PSG and from now on his name will never be linked to the Nerazzurri colors again. At 28 he still has many years of career ahead but I would be a liar to think that he will never regret his “non-management” of events. He loved Milan and was the center of the Interista project as a gunner and captain and he threw everything away. For what? Time is gentleman and perhaps one day he, who never speaks except through his wife, will explain his point of view and his reasons. in the meantime Inter are facing a big problem less and 60 million more. A good sigh of relief Marotta and Ausilio can now really take it.

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