Goodbye Amazon Pantry (and it’s better this way)


It doesn’t take a big memory exercise to remember what happened just a few weeks ago when, with DPCM blows, Italy was forced into the house by a sudden and difficult to interpret health emergency. The shock led to queues in front of supermarkets first, to the rush to buy online then and finally to a progressive rebalancing until the reopening of recent days. In the meantime, however, many things have changed and all this has left an important consequence on the field on Amazon’s sales service: the service declines in this case. Amazon Pantry.

Amazon Pantry allows you to buy daily use products with a minimum order of 15 euros and with a fixed shipping cost of 4.99 euros (reduced by the total only if the 90 euros receipt is exceeded). However, we should now speak to the past, since these are the last hours of the service’s life: starting from June 30th Amazon Pantry will no longer exist.

Amazon Pantry, stop since June 30th

Attention, however: this is not about cutting a dry branch or abandoning a dead track, on the contrary: the feeling is that Amazon now has the strength and ambition to go further, moving the bar high in the challenge with large-scale distribution.

This is the information issued in these hours to Amazon Prime users:

We inform you that starting from Tuesday 30 June 2020 we will stop the Amazon Pantry service. As a result of our commitment to guaranteeing our customers the best possible shopping experience, most of the best-selling items on Amazon Pantry will soon be available on with faster delivery and no minimum order value, along with thousands of other convenient items, already available for your shopping.

In fact, therefore, the limits imposed by the service itself decayed, such as the minimum order expense. Following the strong flow of requests for basic necessities in the days of the closure of Italian stores, Amazon therefore evidently assessed how the purchase trend was destined to remain high even in the post-emergency phase and thus immediately reinterpreted and reformulated its offer.

What happens now?

Amazon Pantry dies, therefore, to become something better because without shipping costs: everything flows between the normal purchases on the marketplace where it is sufficient to be Amazon Prime users to have the products for free shipping.

Amazon reports that the products previously available under Amazon Pantry are now realigned into a number of new categories:

Buying these goods on Amazon from today will therefore be simpler and less expensive: the feeling is that it is a step backwards that will allow you to take two forward.

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