Golden power, the new map of industrial sectors under protection



In the draft Dpcm all economic activities to be defended against hostile climbs. Risks for the financial and insurance sector

by Marco Ludovico

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In the draft Dpcm all economic activities to be defended against hostile climbs. Risks for the financial and insurance sector

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Released two days ago, the draft Dpcm implementing the new golden power outlines a long catalog of short-term industrial activities for the special protection powers of the government. The text, however, is now one work scheme. After the disclosure in the last Council of Ministers, the Undersecretary Riccardo Fraccaro and his technicians will go ahead to complete the framework of interventions of the shield on a technical and political level. The defense capacity of the new instrument and especially the sectors most at risk today impose a provision without gaps.

The draft of the Dpcm implementing the new golden power


The most critical case: banks and insurance companies
Article 8 of the Dpcm draft regulates the exercise of special powers for “assets and relationships in the financial sector”. Credit, finance, insurance, platforms and operating infrastructures such as Borsa spa. But also software, payment services, investment management. Copasir defined appreciable but “insufficient” the new rules envisaged by the liquidity decree on golden power. Fears are high. The threat of a French or German banking institution’s tense entry into our financial system is not theoretical but concrete. Sneaking into the risk of major operations in progress to win decisive shares remains a pitfall on the table. It is not at all necessary to reach 51%, it can take much less.

Continuous alert information and security services
While the DIS is carrying out the high consultancy for Palazzo Chigi on the strategic golden power regulation – as well as for the cybernetic national security perimeter – the intelligence operating agencies have produced a series of special reports for the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on the credit, finance and insurance industry security.

Economic intelligence files are now traveling continuously
At Copasir the director of the internal service, Mario Parente, and more recently the number one of the external one, Luciano Carta, in secret hearings represented the evolving picture of the threats. The handover between Carta, now president of Leonardo, and Gianni Caravelli, from deputy to director of Forte Braschi, has also seen the strengthening of economic intelligence with highly specialized human resources since June.

Energy, water, space and dual use
For the energy sector, critical infrastructures, buildings for their use, deposits and oil pipelines, “critical technologies” and strategic companies with no less than 300 million net annual turnover and 250 employees. For water, the model is similar, including strategic activities with the energy requirements. The space sector, on the other hand, is included in all non-military infrastructures and technologies. Protective shield also for goods defined as “dual use”.

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