Gogoro presents the innovative Eeyo eBike. The secret is the Smartwheel


You have probably already heard of Gogoro, a Taiwanese company that we have often talked about on our pages. On all past occasions the topic was the electric scooter, a product in which Gogoro excels so much that it is considered by many to be the leading company in the sector. Today, however, a little surprise, Gogoro launches its first eBike, in turn declined in two models, the Eeyo 1 and the Eeyo 1s.

But as done with scooters, Gogoro does not want to be one of the many names in the pile, but to stand out with proprietary and innovative choices and technologies. At first glance, the Eeyo doesn’t even look like an eBike, due to the incredible cleanliness and lightness of the frame design. This is thanks to the use of carbon, and the absence of the classic vertical tube under the seatpost. Weight is the first relevant figure: only 11 kg. In addition, the Eeyo 1s also uses carbon for wheels and handlebars.

All components of the powertrain are located in the Smartwheel, the rear wheel, which is the real innovation that Gogoro brings to the eBike sector. The engine entirely developed by Gogoro is a hub type but integrates all the components, including the battery, in the wheel hub. No cables therefore, no bulky batteries in various positions.

Gogoro does not declare the power of the engine, but only says that he can assist pedaling up to a speed of 25 km / h (in the European version). The battery by force of what had to be less capacious than the classic models, e in fact it has only 123 Wh. Gogoro however claims that thanks to engine optimization it can ensure up to 64 km of autonomy in the Sport Model e 88 km in Eco Mode. The charging method is also interesting, with a portable charger that hooks onto the hub, or a stand that recharges the bike when parked. The Smartwheel also integrates a proximity connection, and locks the wheel when the owner leaves.

Eeyo was developed with the idea of ​​not giving the owner the slightest concern, and following this philosophy there is no change the chain is replaced by a carbon Gates belt. For the moment Gogoro will focus on the sale of its eBike, but in the future it plans to supply the Smartwheel to other companies that want to take advantage of a ready-made and tested system.

Gogoro has already inaugurated a special site, on which it will take pre-orders starting from mid-June, with the first deliveries scheduled for July, both for the local market, Taiwan, and for Europe and the United States. For now, only the dollar price is known, which is $ 3,899 for Eeyo 1 and $ 4,599 for Eeyo 1s.

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