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Up GOG are in progress i summer sales, which are decidedly rich with over 3000 games discounts of up to 95%, ranging from the many classic titles in the catalog to the newest games.

You can find everything already on the GOG.com homepage, which alternates various titles in the front line in order to give space to the greatest amount of games possible, but to get a deeper idea of ​​the jumps in progress there is a bit to navigate in meanders of the site, because it is thousands of titles.

GOG summer sales have been running since May 25th until June 15, 2020therefore there is still some time to be able to exploit them. Among the highlighted titles we report the presence of XCOM 2 at price for 12.59 euros, Metro Exodus: Gold Edition for 29.19 euros, Divinity: Original Sin 2 for 22.49 euros, Disco Elysium for 29.99 euros and also a large amount of titles belonging to the classic GOG catalog.

Among these, particularly interesting are Blade Runner, recently returned to the market in a Windows 10 compatible form, at € 7.39, System Shock 2 at € 3.19, Diablo + Hellfire at € 7.79 and many others.

So head straight to GOG.com to stock up on download, we also remind you that the games purchased on the digital delivery in question do not have DRM.

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