go or stay? All the variables on the future of Taurus and the possible Catalan counterparts


What if Lautaro Did he really go to Barcelona? Probably at least for once this thought has touched all Inter fans. Why while Mauro Icardi seems closer to returning to Paris, another piece of the Interist attack seems to persistently move away from Milan. There are no official confirmations, on the contrary: Piero Ausilio spoke to the microphones of Sky stressing that the only option for Lautaro to leave Milan is for Barcelona to pay the clause. Halfway between a declaration of intent and a tactical skirmish to track down Barcelona, ​​Inter’s line is clear: the champions do not sell out. From Spain, however, they proceed with the drum to proclaim the stages of the negotiation, a symptom that the Barcelona is trying in every way to work alongside Inter to bring the Bull in Catalonia and prepare for the post Luis Suarez.

What is known is that – given the economic crisis that hit football due to CoVid-19 – the Blaugrana do not seem to be able to pay the 111 million of the Martinez clause. Which means that Inter he does not have the obligation to sell one of the most loved players of the squad but, as it happens more and more often, the will of the player will make the difference. And if the 10 million engagement rumors, with Lionel Messi explicitly asking for you, putting yourself in Lautaro’s shoes, it is difficult not to find the offer of one of the largest football clubs in the world attractive.

Beppe Marotta, for its part, has been able to make the sale of Paul Pogba to Manchester United in fact building the second victorious cycle of the Juventus, consolidating the Italian domination and reaching another final of Champions League the following year. Will he be able to do the same with Lautaro? Or will change strategy and try in every way to hold back Bull in Milan? The protagonists of this story are all facing a crossroads. What will be the next chapter?

STAY IN MILAN – Should the Bull decide for a stay, fate is traced. Inter focused heavily on him, thanks to Diego’s tip Milito and Javier’s work Zanetti to get him to Milan. After a year of Icardi’s second apprenticeship, Lautaro took flight alongside Romelu Lukaku: what has been seen this season has been at times exciting. The ability to amalgamate, to alternate during the construction phase and to score in times of need have in fact raised Inter at the top of the standings.

Goals in Champions League, the way he sewed the game and some games of absolute purity quickly transformed him into one of the heroes of Inter’s supporters. Inter have shown the best offensive football with Alexis Sanchez is Lautaro on the field: against the Sampdoria in Genoa and in the first half against Barcelona to the Camp Nou, in the last thirty meters the strange couple taught football. His stamp in the first 30 minutes of the game had become a happy habit for Inter fans.

In the last month of A league, the spell seemed to break: everyone remembers the very nervous match against Cagliari, when the Bull was expelled and compromised his presence in the Derby. In which, however, he was in the stands, to cheer his arms thanks to the amazing comeback of his teammates. Back in the ranks, he was no longer able to demonstrate that garra and that class that had characterized the first part of the season. Also because the rumors on the Boat they had already become more insistent.

TOWARDS BARCELONA So let’s go back to the initial question: what if the Did Toro really want to leave and Barça couldn’t pay the clause? Are there players in the Barça squad who might be interested in Inter’s strategies? In Spain, many names have joined Inter that could be part of the deal – combined with a figure that at least would match that of the sale of Icardi to the Psg.

On the table, Barcelona has put a packet of names from which one should choose wisely. The names put on the table are those of the champions: Ivan Rakitic, Arturo Vidal and Antoine Griezmann they all ended up in the cauldron of the fanta market, but for a matter of age (the first two) and salary (Grizou) it seems unrealistic to be able to find a square. The name of Arthur it is especially interesting for the shots that the young Brazilian has shown this season, but with the arrival of Christian Eriksen it should not be part of the company’s plans.

The most interesting name, on which Inter’s interest converges, is that of Junior Firpo, left back of the Betis Seville school for two years at Barça. Outside with impressive athletic skills, he was instructed by the positional football of Quique Setien: a player capable of making a difference in 1vs1 who is already familiar with the modern role of the full back. A lot has been said about him and he could be one of those pawns able to combine the interests of all the teams. Together with him, an additional name could be added: there has been a lot of talk about Nelson Semedo, another external. There is also interest from Pep’s Manchester City on him Guardiola. The last hypothesis is a triangulation with the Manchester City, with Joao Cancelo which would end up in Milan after an exchange between City is Boat. Appetizing to get back Cancelo in Milan, after the two disappointing years lived by the former Valencia full back. The game is worth the candle?

The feeling is that despite the rumors Spaniards, the puzzle is far from the conclusion. And above all that should Lautaro Martinez accept the court of Messi, Inter would not have the urgency to find its replacement directly with this exchange. The names of Timo Werner, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and other champions remain in vogue, as well as the possibility of ‘settling’ for some parameter-free opportunities (Edinson Cavani?) and try to find the top player in other areas of the field (someone said Sergei MilinkovicSavic?).

From his, to hold back Lautaro Inter can still play the card of renewal of the contract of Bull and can offer him an absolute protagonist role, as well as making the system available to him Antonio Conte to further enhance your talent. If this were not the case, the possibility for Inter to raise an important amount of money to invest and to insert some interesting pink grafts in pink could move the balance of European football.

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