Gmail, the sidebar on the web client arrives: how it works and what it is for


The Gmail web client received a new side panel with quick access to some of the page customization settings most used by users, such as the display layout and themes. To announce the news was the same Google, which stated that the panel is used precisely to help users modify the settings present in a simpler and less cumbersome way than in the past.

The new settings icon is not very different from the current one, but is placed on the top bar and opens a contextual panel that occupies the entire right part of the screen. Here the user has the possibility to modify the theme used in the web service, the density of the contents, and other settings of various kinds. The user experience is therefore more immediate and modern than the one offered by the Big G mail service to date.
Furthermore, the changes made to the content screen are set in real time, offering the user an immediate glance through a preview of the changes made. Users can also Easily enable the preview pane, from the new panel, an action that previously required access to the full menu of settings. Googlehowever, it specifies that the new sidebar only provides a new method of accessing the settings already present in the past and does not introduce any new functionality compared to the web client.
There modification of the Gmail web client it will be available to all personal users and GSuite users once the roll-out ends. The distribution of the feature for users who have a “Rapid Release” domain already started, while for “Scheduled Release” users the roll-out will be launched on June 22nd, with a maximum duration of 15 days. No administrator settings are required for G Suite users, as the sidebar will be active as the default for all users and domains.

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