Giuseppe Conte, the premier in difficulty with his allies calls Paolo Savona, president of Consob – Libero Quotidiano, to the rescue


A pincer tightens around Palazzo Chigi and to Prime Minister Conte, reports it Republic who writes that everyone now knows that the next few months are the most delicate for the political survival of the premier. September can be the time of truth. And the autuno will test the real estate of public accounts and that of the red and yellow majority. This is why Conte looks for “banks” and “shields” outside the perimeter of his allies. Who are crushing him more and more.

It is no coincidence then that on Thursday evening, in addition to having heard the Governor of Bankitalia Viscor, have called to Palazzo Chigi the president of Consob, Paolo Savona (his minister at the time of the yellow-green team). He also discussed with him all evening how to get out of the swamp where the Coronavirus threw Italy. How to deal with the possible financial storm. Starting with the guarantees that Borsa SpA can give, ie the company that manages the financial center of Milan and which, however, is owned by non-Italian entities. Indeed British and therefore non-EU citizens, writes the newspaper that concludes explaining that the game has just started. And Conte’s strength is always the same: the weakness of the parties.

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