Giunta Anm risks dissolution, via Unicost and Area – Cronaca


The junta of the ANM that today for the ‘earthquake’ the Area and Unicost currents resigned, with the president Luca Poniz and the secretary Giuliano Caputo. The togas meeting lasted over nine hours and the parliamentarian was updated on Monday to find an agreement on new balances or to reassemble the junta.

Within the Executive – whose president and secretary were Poniz of Area and Caputo of Unicost respectively – at present only the current of Autonomy and Independence remains. Tomorrow the groups will make internal assessments to understand how to proceed and see if there is a new majority or balances such that a new junta can ferry the ANM until the new elections at the end of October. The board of the central management committee of the ANM was convened for the day after tomorrow, at 7pm.


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