Giulio Raselli and coexistence with Giulia D’urso


Giulio Raselli and Giulia D’uro met Men and Women of Maria De Filippi. At the end of his journey the tronista Giulio decided that his choice was the beautiful Giulia …


From the moment of choice, their love has grown ever more.

The two who left the program started a csurvival that seems to be going very well! Very active on social networks, both share with their fans the moments they spend together …

Giulio Raselli surprises Giulia with flowers

The couple seems to be happier and happier than ever. The two spend wonderful moments together and they love to surprise each other.

For example Giulia published a story where she showed her fans the beautiful bouquet of flowers that Giulio made! A surprise that was greatly appreciated!

“He went out to go shopping while I was cleaning and after 5 minutes he came back like this … You are the greatest and most beautiful love I could wish for.”

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The two they are really sweet and they are all passionate with their wonderful love story!

Giulia D’urso talks about living together

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Before receiving the beautiful surprise of Giulio D’Urso answered some questions from her fans.

One in particular asked him “Can you tell us about the beginning of coexistence, is it easy to get used to this new and beautiful step immediately?”

Giulia’s response was: “I was lucky because I went to live with one person I love and who loves meso there is a desire to be together and always understand each other “.

What to say seems that once again thanks to the program of Maria De Filippi was born another wonderful couple!

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