Giulini: “I called Allegri to offer him the Cagliari bench, he told me where to go”


Tommaso Giulini, president of Cagliari, gave an interview to the microphones of the satellite broadcaster Sky Sport.

Tommaso Giulini, president of Cagliari, on Sky Sport’s microphones, has unveiled a market background that brings up the ex Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri: “I made a somewhat crazy phone call at the end of January to offer him our bench, knowing that it would have been impossible to see him anyway. Massimiliano replied that his next adventure will be abroad, even if he was fascinated by the Cagliari proposal in the centennial year of the team “.

It also adds: “I knew before making the call that it would be very difficult. On the centenary of our team? We didn’t expect to celebrate like this, in this situation. We want to start from the same values ​​as a hundred years ago when in a circle a group of friends decided to give a team to the city of Cagliari. We want to try to do better and better. Celebrating the centenary thus also makes us feel a greater sense of responsibility towards this team and its fans “.

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