Giulia and Claudia killed by the sudden slip of an Audi


After a quiet evening in a pizzeria, they were returning home when their life was broken by a car coming from the opposite direction. After 12 hours from the frightening accident that occurred yesterday evening, the names of the two young victims have been made known.

Giulia Vangelisti, residing in Cividate Camuno, and Claudia Marioli, from Esine: they are the two twenty-year-olds (Claudia would have turned twenty in a few months) who died in the head-on collision along state road 42. The girls traveled on board an Opel Corsa in the direction of the Upper Valley after eating a pizza in Darfo. Suddenly, as reported by the Giornale di Brescia, the subcompact was centered by the Audi on which five men, Albanian and Tunisian workers were traveling, who were returning home to the Bassa after a week of work in Switzerland. At the moment the reason for the skid is unclear.

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Two of the five Audi occupants are hospitalized in serious conditions, they are a 33-year-old Tunisian and an 38-year-old Albanian. The accident was reconstructed by the Darfo traffic police.

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