Giorgetti: “They must be careful, the country explodes”


“There are a lot of really desperate people around and politicians should lead by example instead of blowing on the fire. They have to be careful, the country explodes. Make criticisms, but with balance, avoiding the clowns ”. It is the release, entrusted to the Press, of the deputy secretary of the League Giancarlo Giorgetti, who returns to speak after a prolonged silence.

As for the hypothesis of a government of national unity, the former undersecretary at Palazzo Chigi declares:

“Nothing will come from the political buildings, I don’t expect any proposal in this direction. At least until the real country, given the situation, will not be a push to induce politics to take note of it. But it will be a pressure from the outside, not a movement from the inside “.

The Northern League is very critical of yesterday’s anti-Northern League attack by the grill Riccardo Ricciardi on Lombard health:

“The criticisms are legitimate, for heaven’s sake, Parliament is there for this. But the problem is the way. Faced with so many deaths, one must maintain a responsible attitude, not take advantage of direct TV to throw her into a fight. It seemed almost artfully made […]. I don’t know, maybe the speaker, who they tell me the actor is, was just overexcited for the live broadcast. But of course we heard Mattarella’s appeals for dialogue, we listened to a very institutional speech by President Conte in the classroom … Then this five-star hotel arrives so out of place “.

Finally, on the Merkel-Macron proposal for a 500 billion euro fund from the EU budget for interventions in the countries most affected by the crisis:

“Before asking for money from Europe, you should have some ideas on how to spend it, the worst thing would be to get a fan of money in the rain. The Franco-German proposal seems to me to be a cohesion fund to hyperpower. And historically our country, with left and right governments, has proven unable to spend the funds for the regions of the old Objective1 “.

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