Gioele Rossetti and Fabio Lombini who died in the microlight that fell in Nettuno


Another air tragedy on the outskirts of Rome. A crashed ultralight plane Sunday morning shortly after 10, near via Avezzano a Neptune. The private aircraft had taken off just before for a flight over the countryside of the Pontine countryside from the pilot school Crazy Fly in the Le Grugnole airfield. On board two boys, one of whom is 23 years old, Gioele Rossetti, a Roman, medical student in Tor Vergata, who was at the controls, and his friend Fabio Lombini, 22, from Cesena. Both national-level swimmers, who trained at the swimming center of Ostia.

Before crashing to the ground, according to at least some testimonies, theplane caught fire, possibly following an engine problem. But investigations have just begun, both by the carabinieri and by the inspectors of the National Flight Safety Agency. As mentioned, there were on board two young people whose bodies have been found carbonized by the firefighters who rushed to the scene with five teams together with the soldiers of the Anzio Arma company.

Just three days ago a two-seater, which took off from Rome, had sunk in the Tiber after being ditched in an emergency. On board were instructor pilot Giannandrea Cito, 30, who saved himself by diving from the cabin of the aircraft, and was then admitted to the Gemelli Polyclinic and the pupil Daniele Papa, 22 years old, from Cerveteri, whose body was recovered by the police fire from the wreck ten meters deep near via Flaminia: he drowned after being stuck inside the cockpit. The prosecutor opened an investigation for manslaughter on the case. The National Flight Safety Agency also opened an investigation, and sent its own investigator to the scene.

May 31, 2020 | 11:38


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