Gianni Sperti of Men and Women confesses: “I am often uncomfortable”


Written by Alessio Cimino, on May 27, 2020, in Men and Women

Over men and women, Gianni Sperti vents: “I am often uncomfortable”

Gianni Sperti, just before the Today’s episode of the Over Throne of Men and Women, published a strange post on instagram, not hiding that he always has to say what he thinks how and when he thinks most appropriate: “I always have to say what I think and that’s why it’s often uncomfortable …” Words that many thought refer to what some of the protagonists of Men and women have stated in these last episodes about his account. In fact, Gemma Galgani gave yesterday Gianni Sperti of the little objective and not neutral in giving opinions. Aurora also said the same thing days ago, who candidly gave him a little realist. The columnist of the Over Throne and Classic Throne of Men and Women will have written these words to reject certain criticisms from the sender?

Gianni Sperti commentator of Men and Women reveals: “I am ready to change my mind”

subsequently Gianni Sperti, always in his post published a little while ago directly on his personal instagram profile, he added that he still has no problem changing his mind about things or people if there are valid reasons: “I love to change my mind when and if they convince me otherwise …” Words accompanied by these hashtags: # truth #difendisempreiltuopensiero. In short, thecolumnist for men and women, which days ago criticized Giovanna Abate, wanted to clarify things, dispelling any doubt that he says things that are not very objective or that he cannot change his mind on a topic. However, there are also those who among the followers criticized him anyway.

Men and Women, Gianni Sperti does not convince a follower: “You are not very objective”

These words of Gianni Sperti have not convinced some of his followers. In fact, there are those who have pointed the finger at thecolumnist for men and women, believing that in the latter period he has made criticisms of some knights or some ladies in a non-objective way: “Lately you are not very objective in the interventions …” Will Gianni Sperti to make the most critical think again?

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