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In a recent interview, Nate Fox is Jason Connell of Sucker Punch have talked at length, obviously, about Ghost of Tsushima. The developers explored many of the things that emerged during the recent State of Play: what Jin can do with the flute, how the idea of ​​the wind was born and many other curiosities about the game.

Before we begin we leave you with our special seven samurai movies to watch while waiting for Ghost of Tsushima, a good way to tune in to the Sucker Punch game. The other is definitely reading this long one developer interview, able to explain many of the things that have emerged in recent months.

For example Jin, the protagonist of the game, has a flute and he can play it at any time: for developers it is a perfect ability to savor the moments of calm and the beautiful landscapes of the game.

The windit is also one of the most original and impactful features of Ghost of Tsushima. The studio had immediately identified its importance on an artistic level and, after being able to create an element of visual impact, tried to understand how to exploit it in a more integrated way with the gameplay. The fact that he now points the way or helps the player find the secrets scattered on the map is the result of this work.

Furthermore, Nate Fox and Jason Connell have confirmed that there will be no system Karma as in Infamous: the intent is to tell Jin’s story. Even his eventual transformation into a Specter, or a warrior who uses more subtle means to beat his opponents compared to a single-duel duel, does not take away the possibility of using the sword with skill.

When the R2 + L2 combination is pressed during the game, circles are highlighted. Each circle represents the determination of Jin, whom he uses to heal himself or to deliver lethal agents. In this way, players will have to choose whether to heal or make a decisive hit.

Among other things that emerged, Jim will not be able to swim, take boats and such. He will only be able to use his immortal horse. The protagonist will not be able to appeal two weapons at the same time and the reinforcements will not go in sets, but it will be possible to combine different elements with each other.

As for the longevitySucker Punch did not want to give a clear answer: being an open world game, the experience depends a lot on how the secondary adventures are faced. However, there is talk of tens of hours.

The interview, fully translated into Italian, is available at this address. What do you think of the information that emerged?

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